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Better than a Wife

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My Culture Is [Jul. 8th, 2010|01:08 am]
Better than a Wife


Title: My Culture Is
Pairing: Bush/Cotard
Rating: NC/17
Summary: André offered to William a razor and French chocolate.
Disclaimers: They are not mine nor I'm making money writing about them

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And yes comments are always welcomed!


William Bush woke up and slowly looked around, enjoying the strange sense of arousal that was deriving from having an additional blanket gracefully spread over his battered one.

Moaning softly, he rolled on his side, pulling it more closer to his face.

It smelled of André and French lavender, strange he thought, being a man on a crowned and stinky ship and still smelling so damn fine.

Like Horatio.

Like his Captain, always bathing on the deck and giving him hard times and sleepless nights.

Sighing his eyes found out that André's cot was empty while lazily swinging with its blanket obviously missing.

It was late and the Hotspur was calm and quiet, easily sliding through the silent night between small waves.

He licked his dry lips realizing that the Major Cotard was not missing but merely standing there with him.

André's feet were firmly planted on the ground and a single candle was burning on a chair while slowly illuminating his face.

Bush frowned when he realized that André was shaving his face.

Indeed shaving, in the middle of the night.

What a strange Frenchman!

“Sir?” He tentatively called him.

“Go to sleep William.” Andrè hastily answered then swearing in French.

“How can you shave yourself with your injured hand?” William insisted, well knowing that André's right hand had been wounded by a sharp Frenchman's sword.

A fine and long red cut now permanently engraved into his skin, decorating it like a tattoo, reminding to him that he was a Frenchman fighting against his own people and country.

“Mon cher I'm using my left hand.” André reassured him.

William sighed and got up from his cot; walking toward the Major, he could still smell André's scent lingering on his skin.

Like velvet he thought not truly knowing why he was comparing André to that soft and sensual material.

“Sir I will not comment about shaving in the middle of the night.” He said, placing a single finger under André's chin and studying his face for a long moment.

“But Sir I do not have any desire in looking at you, slowly slicing your face.” William softly spoke, then with his thumb wiping away some blood from André's cheek.

André sighed placing his big warm hand over Bush's one and whispered something in French.

“Mon trésor I'm sorry if I woke you up.”

“Give me the razor.” He said while placing the candle on the floor.

“Mon Cher Je-”

“Now please.” William ordered, pushing André's shoulder down, “and sit please.”

Bush quickly took his hand away from the other man shoulder, realizing that Cotard was half naked, wearing only his pants.

He didn't realize it before, too taken in studying the two cuts on the Major's face.

André sat slowly on the chair and it gently creaked under his weight, his eyes never leaving Bush's clear ones.

“Are you now ordering me around Mon cher?” He asked then softly dragging William between his spread muscular thighs.

“Cotard what are you doing?” Bush hissed stepping away from the other man like he was pure fire burning him.

He didn't know why but sharing his quarters with this Frenchman was becoming less easy for him.

André and his continuous talking.

André keeping him awake in the middle of the night while telling him many strange and funny stories.

André and his weird but at the same time alluring, habit of sleeping half naked or waking up with him, every time he had to start his watch.

André and all his little attentions he had toward him like always asking if he was okay or staying awake, waiting for the end of his watch.

He didn't give any importance to all these things until last night, until André offered him a bite of his luxurious French chocolate.

He never ate too much chocolate and he knew that it was an expensive food.

William was undressing when Cotard offered it, he said no thanks but Cotard insisted, telling with his absurd but intriguing French accent that he needed to try it before saying no.

“Only a little piec---” He wanted to say but never finished it because André was pushing a little piece into his mouth while hazel eyes were burning holes on his mouth.

And really he didn't know what happened next but he ended up in taking another piece from André's fingers while lightly licking and gently biting them, until he realized that André was excited and breathing heavily.

And there they were again with Bush not truly knowing what he wanted to do with this man and why he seemed so attracted to him.

He was a Frenchman, an enemy, he killed so many of these damn Frogs and yet this particular Frog was letting him place a razor against his throat.

Maybe he was stupid or maybe he was bold … or maybe André trusted him.

“I can't sleep.” André admitted, almost a little whimper escaping from his throat “I don't know why my contact is not showing up.”

Bush stood still while André's calloused hands were lifting his night shirt and then slowly kissing his stomach and the long scar adorning it.

Warm breath and moist lips ghosting over his pale and scarred skin, so sensitive, so weak and so needy.

“Shhh André.” William moaned, his hands gently caressing André's hair.

“Let me clean all that blood.” William said licking his lips, “A—André please.”

William shivered with André slowly licking his scar while gently massaging his stomach.

“You will hurt yourself with that razor.” André smiled while gently taking away it from William's trembling fingers.

Then without any resistance, he helped William straddling his lap, “Le Capitaine doesn't know what kind of prize he has on this ship.”

“I'm not a prize.” William hissed trying to stand up but André laughed and strong arms kept him there, sat, on his lap.

And then he moaned as André's warm and wet mouth started teasing his nipples, large calloused hands spreading on his buttocks, pulling him closer to his body.

“Look at me, don't close your eyes.” André asked while lapping and lightly biting William's dark nipples.

“No.” William moaned against André's throat.

André smiled amused by his short reply, “Je veux vous faire l'amour William.”

“W-What?” William breathed out, his fingers wrapped around André's wrists, trying to pull his hands away from his buttocks. “Ple-please André.”

“Don't squirm too much chery.” André moaned at the feel of his cock sliding between William's ass cheeks. “Oh mon dieu!”

André didn't care that his short nails were digging into the tender and damaged skin of his right hand because pleasure was mixing with pain, making him dizzy, “you are hurting me chery.”

“S-Sorry.” William whispered but André hushed him with a long and wet kiss, sucking at the other man's tongue while mapping his perfect ass with his hands.

“Shhh … just say, Je suis une pute” André whispered an inch away from Bush's lips.

“I don't speak frog Sir” William moaned into André's throat, lightly biting the sweaty skin.

“Please mon cher.” He asked while teasing William's opening with his cock “ Je suis une pute.”

“J--Je suis un-une pute.” He tentatively spoke before kissing him, not knowing the meaning of such words.

His long legs were wrapped around André's waist as he was kissing his mouth and neck while André was rubbing his hard on against William's entrance.

“Look at me please.” André asked again.

William sighed slowly withdrawing from Cotard's neck, his eyes were electric and crystalline.

“Suck my fingers.” André gently asked massaging William's mouth with two fingers.

William wrapped his fingers around Andre's wrist and gently sucked at the offering fingers, fully coating them with warm and slick saliva.

He wanted to say many things, he wanted to stand up and put an end to this craziness but he couldn't and probably he didn't want.

 His body was now in charge, commanding him, spreading needy desires and feelings all over his sweaty skin.

Then André took out them and without leaving Bush's eyes he gently pushed his saliva coated finger into his tight ass hole, watching William's head lolling back and his thighs quivering like crazy meanwhile his finger wriggled its way into his ass.

André moved a bit more, adding a second finger and William gasped scratching his back. “Mon cher relax, it's only my finger.”

Sweat beads broke out on his forehead as his chest rose and fell in his struggle to catch his breath.

André was kissing his shoulders and neck, soothing him with his words, “William mon amour just relax a bit will you?” He asked massaging William's stomach and scar.

“André I-”

“Shhh...” André smiled kissing him softly while taking his fingers out. “Lift a bit mon amour.”

William nodded unsure of what he was doing he hated to feel like that, to not truly knowing what to do with his body, with André and with his increasing and demanding needs for him.

“No.” He moaned placing his hands, flat against the Major's chest. “No André.”

“Oui mon cher.” André panted feeling the hot slick wetness of his opening, ease apart to allow his cock head in.

He pushed his hips forward feeling his cock disappear into William's ass hole while enjoying the tight muscles of him gripping and holding it.

“André.” William panted scratching his chest, “I-I can't-”

“William look at me!” André hissed trying to hold back from not pushing hard into him and ram his ass.

Instead he eased himself in slowly, until his balls slapped tightly against his ass cheeks.

His hand was bleeding but he didn't give a damn, “William open your damn eyes!”

And William opened them and they were like anything he had ever seen before, a tide, a storm going through them.

Electric like a lightning, clear like tropical crystalline waters and they were eating him alive with a thousand questions hold inside.

He moaned and groaned as André began to move while taking his firm ass in his hands, gently helping him to move over his cock.

Cotard's cock slid into him full and deep before moving back out slowly, his balls gently slapping against Bush's perfect ass.

William was kissing him hungrily while being so damn erotic standing there naked while rolling his hips, hotly breathing against his mouth, taking and giving.

And André knew that he had finally conquered this fine Englishman.

His hands held tightly to his butt as his pace increased his cock moving faster and harder with each stroke into him.

“André.” William moaned and then shivered splattering warm cum all over their stomachs.

“Mon William.” André cried, William's orgasm was milking his cock and he gave two last hard pushes before filling him with his cum.

William fell against his chest, heavily breathing and cursing his weakness for desiring a Frenchman.

André smiled while tracing delicate patterns over William's skin, with his fingers and tongue before pulling out his cum smeared cock.

“Mon cher.” He softly called him gently biting William's fingertips.

“I can't move.” William moaned tired, making André chuckle.

“You don't need to move.” He softly whispered into his ear and William relaxed.



“At what time starts your watch?” André asked beginning to play with William's cum filled ass hole, his fingers dipping their tips into the sticky insides of him.

William shivered and moaned, moving back so that he could see André's fingers move in and out of his wet hole.

“What do you want from me?” He asked caressing André's moving wrist.

André pressed hard into the relaxed hole making William hiss in pleasure, “you, mon cher and now say oui.”

William sighed tired and hid his face again into André's neck, “oui André.”



[User Picture]From: Ty Nash
2014-12-20 04:31 pm (UTC)
Bush and Cotard. Very trippy. I can't believe Bush is so easily compliant.
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